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Our Approach to the Gaming Industry

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Our Approach to the Gaming Industry

We’re involved at the forefront of innovation and new financing opportunities, which are creating interest for investors and operators alike.

Haseeb Chowdhry

Founder, Principal at Trivium Global, LLC
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Video Game Funding: What Are Your Options?

Video games are enormously popular. Having long been a pastime where gamers had to buy specialist computers and expensive games consoles to enjoy the best that games had to offer. The growth of smartphones, and the range of games they offer, has meant that it has been boomtime for the games market.

How the nitty gritty of video game funding shapes what you play

From old-school publishing models to a collective of indie game makers, funding has never been more important for an industry in perpetual flux

Video Game Sector Scores Record $13.2 Billion In 2020 Investments, M&A

Investment in the booming video-game sector soared in 2020 to a record $13.2 billion, up 77 percent from 2019, according to a new report by Digital Development Management, which tracks the industry.


100% Client Retention

100% client retention, project based contracts upsold to recurring contracts

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Led financial transformation to design and establish an original bespoke FP&A function

Cloud FP&A Solution Implementation

Evolving organizations to Cloud based FP&A solution Implementation

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