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We know that the story of business
is not just numbers; it’s the strategy,
operations and the people behind them.
So we work with you - side by side.

We know that the story of business is not just numbers; it’s the strategy, operations and the people behind them. So we work with you - side by side.

Corporate Development

Comprehensive experience in due diligence, deal structuring and valuation to guide capital raising and acquisitions.

Financial Planning &

Expertise in harvesting your company's data to yield executable strategies and valuable insights.

Accounting &

Expertise on accounting standards and reporting requirements, bookkeeping services and statutory compliance.

Business Process Improvement

Enhancing efficiency and economy through standardization, improved controls and effective risk management.

Welcome to Trivium Global, LLC.
Welcome to Trivium Global, LLC.

Life is changing around us constantly and with it, the ways in which we work.

The Trivium team understands that change. That’s what drives the relationships of trust we’ve built between our team and the teams we work closely with.

Haseeb Chowdhry

Founder, Principal at Trivium Global, LLC

Our Approach

1. Goal Definition

We identify and define your goals and recommend nimble and sustainable solutions in the elusive market landscape.

2. Logical Analysis

We apply both inductive and deductive reasoning in our analytical process to drill down to the root causes of your challenges.

3. Artistic Application

We synthesize findings and test hypotheses with entrepreneurial rigor, and we apply solutions that resonate with and align all stakeholders.


Artistic Execution

Our success lies in how we find and implement our solutions. We’re not your typical run-of-the-mill consultants. We blend strategy and finance with growth and innovation to help identify growth opportunities for your company.

Collaborative Partnering

We work with you, not for you. We form deep collaborative partnerships, working alongside you, to develop and map the right path forward. Our team works with the agility to respond to your company’s needs and biggest challenges.

Entrepreneurial Agility

We are equipped to help your company adapt and thrive in ever-changing market conditions. We do this by leveraging our deep expertise of markets and models, and of building start-ups into globally recognized institutions.

Attractive Pricing

We offer high-value advisory services geared towards value creation. We unlock key growth and efficiency levers to set your company on the right trajectory.

Case Studies

Our in-depth financial model was used to negotiate term sheets with various top-tier financial institutions and led the company to secure $15m investment from Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management, completing its Series C round to support an array of growth initiatives.

Our deep-dive operational model assisted management in planning the company’s internal growth initiatives through dynamic scenario planning engines. Furthermore, a detailed portfolio-based target financial model & valuation assisted the company in assessing the viability of the M&A deal along with planning the leverage and returns associated with structuring the LBO deal.

Our financial advisory services combined with our flare for brand positioning, lead Provision Capital to preliminarily secure $60 million in capital.

Still Unsure?

Let us help you define your problem.

I work at a startup and I need help with..

View of cash needs
Finance Structuring
Equity, Valuation and cap-table view
Operational Model

I work at a Series A-C company and I need help with..

Deal, Unit level economic analysis
View of cash needs
Finance structuring
Equity, valuation and cap-table view
Operational Model
KPI Reporting/Investor Reporting

I work at a Private Equity Firm and I need help with..

Complex port-co model builds
Acquisition strategy vis-a-vis equity/debt financing
Fund level returns analysis

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Our Thinking

Welcome to Trivium Global Insights

Health Care

A look at healthcare

The US healthcare industry has adopted software as a service (SaaS) to increase its versatility and accessibility. SaaS users can now connect directly to their Electronic Health Records (EHR) through online portals and get billed through subscription fees.

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Survios, a virtual reality content-creating company, lacked the necessary resources to properly manage its finance function. As the dedicated CFO partner for Survios, Trivium developed deep-dive models and presented detailed due diligence to better understand and manage Survios’ finances.

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Success Stories

Read our client success stories and learn how Trivium has been able to help them.

Our Team

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